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Situated above Palm Desert, CA on the Pines to Palms Highway, St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church provides a welcoming venue for Sunday worship services and for  concerts of Desert Friends of Music. Ample parking is available, and the facilities are fully handicap-accessible.


The spacious interior space accommodates up to 900 people with seating on conformable, padded pews. During daylight hours, the large clear windows provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

A large balcony provides additional seating and is a favorite location for many concert-goers.  The gallery organ is located at the upper right rear of the balcony.

The chancel area is shown as it is normally arranged for Sunday services. The large Quimby pipe organ is located in the organ chambers to the upper left and right behind the visible organ pipes. The organ console is behind the altar to the right.

Portable staging can be installed to expand the chancel area to accommodate a 25-piece orchestra with a 50 member chorus in the choir loft. For large choral groups, risers are placed on the extended stage.

Dedicated in 1998, the magnificent Quimby Organ is unique in the Coachella Valley. Made with old-world craftsmanship coupled with new-world technology, this instrument has proven to be one of the finest liturgical and concert organs in the southwestern United States. Its more than 4,200 pipes provide an exceptionally varied capability for congregational singing, choral accompaniment and solo concert. Many of the world’s finest organists have performed here. The Organ Specification shows the full breadth of the many ranks of pipes available to the performer. The Inaugural Recital Program provides some history of the project and lists many of the people that gave of their time and resources to make it a success.

The large, four-manual console is very flexible providing the organist many general combination pistons and a modern memory system for storing the registrations for different pieces and for different users. Each of the main divisions of the organ is under expression.

Although the organ console is largely visible during organ recitals, since it is not movable, a high definition video projection system is used to provide audience members with a better view of the artist’s hands and feet. This photo shows concert organist, Ken Cowan, during his January, 2014 performance.